Miami, March 11, 2015

By Elio C. Aponte - Press ORVEX

Miami, Florida.- The Organization of Venezuelans in Exile, ORVEX, this Tuesday sent a letter
to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, thanking him for the correct steps the
White House is taking to unmask and to put in its place the regime of Nicolas Maduro, by
declaring it an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security of the United States.

In its letter, ORVEX asks Obama that, among the future actions to be taken by the White House
against Maduro's regime, to consider the protection of Venezuelans who are in the United
States, either illegally or with denied asylum cases, by means of an executive order known as
DED - Deferred Enforced Departure. It is estimated that between 100 and 200 thousand
Venezuelans are already under any of those circumstances, which bring a unprecedented
humanitarian crisis.

At the same time, ORVEX assures Obama that in Venezuela, the regime and its paramilitary
groups known as COLECTIVOS, among them TUPAMARO and the FRANCISCO DE
MIRANDA FRONT, have declared a war against all those who do not think like them, and that
the high number of murders that exists in Venezuela is greatly due to political killings of
opponents which are disguised as common crime murders.

ORVEX believes that Venezuelans who are deported from the United States to Venezuela are
in great danger of death, more so because just two days ago the Office of the Minister of
Interior and Justice of Venezuela was appointed by Maduro to one of the human rights violators
pointed out by name by Obama. ORVEX asks the U.S. President to seriously consider that it is
more likely than not that in the thwarted mind of the terrible Venezuelan regime, which is a
friend of drug dealers and terrorism, any Venezuelan that is deported from the U.S. to
Venezuela is a suspect of having been stealthily trained by the CIA and the Department of
State to destabilize the regime of Nicolas Maduro and to kill the Head of State.

Let us remember that at the end of April of 2012 ORVEX had already sent a letter to Obama
asking him to stop the deportations of Venezuelans, and that such humanitaria petition was
cowardly thwarted by the Venezuelan media in control of the State as an invitation given to the
United States of America to bomb and invade Venezuela (see video in Spanish in

Finally, ORVEX appeals to the good heart of the President of the United States and raises a
prayer to God Almighty to continue to ligthening him to help the world to live in peace and
democracy, and to relieve the existing humanitarian crisis of Venezuelans who are already in
the U.S. and who have a terrible fear of being deported at any time.

The letter sent by ORVEX to Obama can be read
ORVEX sends letter to Obama
thanking him for sanctions against
the regime of Nicolas Maduro
Other measures are also requested
It is expected that Barack Obama soon implements other measures against the regime of Nicolas