Miami, April 7, 2014

By Elio C. Aponte - Press ORVEX

Miami, Florida.- An urgent SOS was sent this Monday, April 7, 2014, by the Organization of
Venezuelans in Exile, ORVEX, to the President of the United States, Barack Obama,
specifying the reasons the U.S. Head of State should issue an executive order known as
"DED" - DEFERRED ENFORCED DEPARTURE in order to stop the deportations of all
Venezuelans due to the danger of death faced by their lives if they are returned to Venezuela.

Among the reasons presented by ORVEX, there is the fact that, for the Venezuelan regime, all
those who are in exile in the U.S. are suspected of having been stealthily trained by the CIA
and the U.S. Department of State to destabilize the Venezuelan government and to even
murder the Head of State.

Likewise, the document states that the paramilitary armed groups of the government, among
them the so-called "COLLECTIVES", are informed about which Venezuelans are about to be
deported, in order to "neutralize them".

ORVEX says that human rights conditions in Venezuela have been worsening for all persons  
who oppose the government, and that currently non-sympathizers "enjoy no real protection
under the law and are under constant threat of being detained, interrogated, imprisoned or
even murdered by the State security apparatus and by the illegally armed militia of the

Since its foundation on April 11, 2005, ORVEX has been requesting a DED protection for all
Venezuelans. In October of 2008 it sent a letter to President George W. Bush, who answered it
through ICE - Immigration Customs Enforcement, alleging that there were no conditions to
issue a protection of that nature, and that the same was issued "under the most extenuating of

The answer sent by George W. Bush in 2008 can be seen here:

Venezuelans in exile hope that Barack Obama would take action in this matter and that he
does not take the same path of George W. Bush who dismissed the request.

ORVEX asks the U.S. community, regardless of national or racial origin, religious belief, or
immigration status, to support this SOS by sending a weekly letter to their representatives in
Congress, by using the model letter already written in its webpage, which can
be downloaded in the following link (Word document):

ORVEX asks to attach the SOS to President Barack Obama to the above letter. The SOS to
Obama can be seen in the following link (PDF document):

The letter sent by ORVEX to Obama can be seen in the following link (PDF document):

ORVEX earnestly asks all those who live in the U.S. to spread the above SOS and to send it to
Congresspersons and Senators so that the President of the United States Barack Obama
protects the lives of Venezuelans in exile through the "DED" executive order.
ORVEX issues urgent SOS to Obama
to protect the lives of Venezuelans in
Asking for the immediate stop of deportations of
Venezuelans due to the grave human rights conditions
in the South American nation
In the hands of President Barack Obama would be the lives of thousands of Venezuelans in exile
who are in the U.S. and who are in great of danger if they are deported to Venezuela for having
their asylum claims denied or for being illegally.