In view of the results in the presidential
elections 2012 in Venezuela
Communiqué of ORVEX
Organization of Venezuelans in Exile
ORVEX, Organization of Venezuelans in Exile, in view of the results in the presidential
elections 2012 in Venezuela, informs the national and international community about the

1.        That we categorically reject the electoral results presented in Venezuela on October
7th, 2012 because the same are the consequence of an electoral system we have always
denounce as being controlled by the regime, and that it prevents that Venezuelan elections
be authentic; that is, clean, transparent and just. This violates:

a.        Article 1 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela which establishe
the inalienable right of the Nation to its national self-determination.

b.        Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted and proclaimed by
the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10th, 1948, which explicitly points
out that the will of the people shall be expressed in genuine elections.

2.        That for more than six years we have been alerting the national and international
community, as well as the political parties in Venezuela, about the type of adversary we are
facing, so that neither a dream nor a miracle be expected; namely, a supra-national project of
death that is being controlled from the Republic of Cuba, which survives thanks to the oil
money of all Venezuelans, and which is defended and legitimized in the hemisphere by the
Sao Paulo Forum, which was created by Innacio Lula Da Silva and Fidel Castro in Sao
Paulo, Brazil, in 1990, after the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, and which is formed by persons
who currently control several governments in Latin America and multilateral organizations of
the hemisphere, among them UNASUR, and which the FARC terrorists of Colombia belongs
to, and which have links with pariah countries such as Iran, Syria, Byelorussia as well as with
terrorist groups such as ETA, Hamas and Hezbollah.

3.        That we will continue denouncing the tragic Venezuelan reality: Political prisoners,
those in exile, persecuted, executed, etc., etc., etc., as well as the continuous electoral fraud
which continues being legalized through controlled elections.

4.        That we will continue promoting nonviolent struggle, or political defiance, in order to
attain a political change in Venezuela, and which has been ignored by those who have had in
their hands two great opportunities to carry it out; Manuel Rosales in 2006 and Henrique
Capriles-Radonski in 2012, either because they have trusted in the good faith of the
adversary as they have not dimensioned its great evil capability, or by another reason we are
not call to judge.

5.        To alert the governments of the free world to be prepared to receive a higher number
of Venezuelan citizens who are going to exile, to establish humanitarian protection
mechanism to stop their deportations.

This communiqué is being issued in the city of Miami, State of Florida, on Wednesday,
October 10th, 2012.

By ORVEX – Organization of Venezuelans in Exile,

Elio C. Aponte